Fight harmful school meals plan!

The USDA is once again trying to water down rules that require healthy meals in school. Please help!

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has proposed rolling back healthy school meal requirements. This would result in our students eating more sugar, salt and other unhealthy ingredients and foods.

We must go on on the record against this damaging rule.

Use Food Research & Action Center’s platform to easily submit a model comment letter or your own letter directly to USDA.

During a time of unprecedented food insecurity rates and health disparities, our nation’s children need strong, evidence-based school nutrition standards that support their learning, health and well-being.

Yet, this last-ditch effort seeks to sustain existing rollbacks — making permanent weaker nutrition standards for whole grains, sodium and milk.

School meals should be consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, including serving whole-grains and limiting sodium and fat.

As part of USDA’s effort to railroad this through, there is only 30 days to comment. You need to act quickly to have your voice heard!

Please comment now!

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