Partnering with Nourishing Neighbors to fight hunger in our community

Imagine having to worry about when your next meal will be or not knowing what you can feed your children for dinner.

Unfortunately, that is the reality many of our neighbors face every day. At Hunger Free New Jersey, we work to help find solutions for people across the state who face hunger.

We cannot do that without the support of foundations that provide financial assistance to support our work.

That is why we are so excited to be the recipients of a $30,000 grant from ACME Market Foundation’s Nourishing Neighbors to help those in our community receive the benefits of existing federal meals programs such as SNAP, WIC, P-EBT, and free child nutrition programs.

With this grant we plan to work with schools, food pantries and community organizations across New Jersey to help connect parents to SNAP and afterschool meals.

We can’t thank ACME Markets and ACME Markets Foundation enough for giving us this grant to help our neighbors.

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